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About me

About Toby

Hi. I am Toby R-E. I am a 16 year old student and keen rugby player.

My brother is autistic, which is why and how I was introduced to the world of Autism. He is also dyslexic. He is also a smartass!

Both my sisters are dyslexic as well, so I’ve been around learning difficulties and neuro-diversity all my life.

I had an idea for Autism Headphones as an extra way to let people know that you are autistic. Similar to the lanyard and stickers, these offer an alternative and clearer method, so it can be seen when someone is behind you or to the side- unlike the other methods.

I am a student of Business Studies, so I wanted to set this up as a business, to learn, and also to give 100% of all profits to Autism Charities.



1. charity

As stated before, I will be giving 100% of our profits to Charitable organisations like Hidden Disabilities and the National Autism Society.

2. Great Product

I’m keen to bring you a really useful product that will help you


To an awesome, creative (and annoying!) autistic child.


​Determined to make as useful a product as possible.


​Really looking forward to donating 100% profits to Autism Charities.


noise cancelling headphones

Why choose noise cancelling?

Many autistic people can feel overstimulated in busy airports, travelling around many noisy people and sounds.

These Headphones are a great escape form these overwhelming and distracting noises.


eye-catching decals

Why choose decals?

Our clear, concise adhesives offer a heads up for any passers by: I am autistic, please give me time.

These help avoid any awkward or stressful interactions by giving advanced notice, so that more non- judgemental interactions can occur.

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