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Noise Cancelling Headphones For Autism

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Cancel out annoying background noises and over-stimulating sounds.

When travelling and moving about, there can be many unexpected or startling noises for autistic people.

Noise cancelling headphones can help to soften the over-stimulation from such sounds.

The 2 Best Options

Here are the 2 best noise cancelling headphone options which I have tested.

The Soundcore one is best for noise cancelling. The PowerLocus one is good, for a lower price.

Both have the option to turn Active Noise Cancellation OFF. Some people like it on, sometimes it is not necessary and safest to still hear some of the outside noises.


This is the best option

Soundcore headphones on boy


  • Really good noise-cancelling. I couldn’t hear my sister calling me when I tested these. Even with Noise Cancelling switched off, these block sounds!
  • Comfy after 20 minutes
  • Good non-slip. Passed the head tilt-n-shake test
  • Good call quality. Better than the PowerLocus
  • Comes with a nice leather bag
Soundcore noise cancelling headphones

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The lower-priced option

Powerlocus on girl


  • Cheaper than the Soundcore
  • Good noise cancelling, though the Soundcore is better
  • Comfy enough but the Soundcore is better. Depends on the head!
  • Non-slip. Better for smaller heads. A bit tight on bigger heads.
  • OK call quality. Sounded a little bit ‘under water’.
  • Comes with a good solid case
Powerlocus noise cancelling headphones

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After you have ordered your headphones, make sure to order your autism ‘Decals’ decorations here.

These are the best headphones for autistic child, they are noise canceling headphones ideal with loud noises and background noise

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